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Nourhan Sharif

Master Instructor, Judge, and Performer 

Ahmed Hussein

Master Instructor and Judge

Ahmed Hussien is undeniably an iconic figure and a source of inspiration for dancers and teachers alike in the world of Classic Oriental and Egyptian Folkloric Dance. Ahmed is the ONLY Egyptian Dance Master to have Ballet, Belly Dance, Ballroom, and Broadway experience in his repertoire.


By the age of 17, Ahmed had toured internationally with the Cairo National Ballet under the direction of Dr. Abdel Moneim Kamel and had graduated from The Higher Institute of Ballet with the highest degree of honors. He came to the US and expanded his dance education into ballroom dance, while working for Madame Darvish of New York.


Soon thereafter, Ahmed was presented with countless opportunities including touring with the Near East Dance Group, performing several times at Lincoln Center and choreographing “Oh, Brother” for a Broadway production.

Valerick Molinary

Master Instructor, Judge & Performer 

Valerick started ballet, jazz, and acrobatics at the age of nine. From the moment she took her first belly dance class with her mentor Sandra Barreras at thirteen, Valerick became fully dedicated to the study of oriental dance. At fifteen, she took her first workshop with Yousry Sharif in Puerto Rico, changing her oriental dance perspective. She has been mostly focused on Egyptian style and travels annually to New York to participate at Nourhan Sharif events.


In 2007 she spent six months taking classes in Madrid where she studied with Samara el Hayat. After her stay, she traveled to Morocco and Tunisia as part of the "Encounter of Moorish Studies" with the University of Puerto Rico. She also got the opportunity to study with outstanding Egyptian teachers such as Mahmoud Reda, Tito, Lubna, Hassan Affifi and Nervein.


While completing her BA with a major in Hispanic Studies and Comparative Literature at the University of Puerto Rico in 2009, she studied modern dance with the acclaimed choreographer Petra Bravo. In September of that same year, Valerick won the Professional Competition of the Miami Belly Dance Convention.

In 2010 she got the Second Place in the Rakstar Professional competition produced by Virginia Mendez and the People's Choice Award. Valerick is the creator of the annual Lebanese Love Affair dance festival

Nourhan Sharif keeps expanding the educational and artistic horizons for Middle Eastern dance!

She persistently creates new ways to bring this dance to newcomers & new audiences while executing opportunities, new ideas, and projects for professionals!


Her participation has broadened from performer, instructor, choreographer, seminar/program producer, dancewear designer, to film actress, music CD and instructional DVD producer, as Executive Director of Egyptian Academy of Oriental Dance from 1997 to 2008 She has done it all, from the ground-up: from the necessary requirements of running a productive business, to graciously hosting (and performing in) galas!

She excels in everything she does. Within all her many-functions, are born new ideas for the proliferation of an art she obviously loves & to which she has devoted her life!


While advocating for authentic vocabulary & rigorous performance technique - the true conventions for dance preservation and excellence - her visionary methods for dance education and performance potential are "outside the box" - the only way to go in our current dance world where opportunities - and sometimes genuine appreciation - for artists are slim to none!!

With four decades of training and experience in Egyptian & Lebanese Cabaret and Folkloric Dance under her belt, Nourhan Sharif has become a leading artist of Middle Eastern dance and music!! Her skills are in demand around the world; she has taught and performed on nearly every continent! Nourhan also organizes and manages seminars in New York & on an international scale, which are immensely popular.


She has produced an award-winning series of audio and video recordings and is the creator of SharifWear, a line women's dance clothing. Nourhan is a contributing artist and a major force in the dance!

Moria Chappell

Master Instructor, Judge & Performer 

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Moria Chappell travels across the globe performing and teaching the exquisite art of tribal fusion belly dance.


Beginning her dance career in Atlanta, GA in 2001 with the Tribal Fusion belly dance troupe Awalim Dance Company, Moria moved to San Francisco in 2005 to study with The Suhaila Dance School and was invited to join The Suhaila Dance Company and Bal Anat, from which she learned the extreme muscle control and isolation fundamental to her current style.


That same year she was invited to join The Bellydance Superstars and thus her world travels began.  Moria has headlined more than 100 dance festivals worldwide and continues to tour as a soloist performing and teaching all that she has learned throughout her global travels.


In the last 10 years Moria has traveled to Thailand, India, Cambodia, Singapore, China, Hawaii, Tahiti, Easter Island, Morocco, Egypt, Turkey and beyond to find the oldest styles of temple and sacred dance to learn and incorporate into her field of study, performances, and workshops.  Because of her eye witness and first-hand exposure to the lands and people of the pockets of the Earth that still hold ancient dances intact, her research is unique, genuine, and authentic.

Silvia Salamanca

Master Instructor, Judge & Performer 

Victoria Teel

Master Instructor, Judge & Performer 

Victoria Teel is an award-winning belly dance performer and instructor. Quickly growing a passion for the dance and culture, she soon worked with internationally acclaimed artists, directors, and producers.

Beginning in 2006, Victoria Teel has studied multiple dance styles including Egyptian, Turkish, American Cabaret, Egyptian Folklore, and Spanish fusion belly dance. 

In 2010, Victoria was chosen along with 24 other dancers to participate in the world's first-ever belly dance reality show, Project Belly Dance. She placed among the top six contestants, earning her spot in the Final 6 instructional DVD released in March 2011. 

Soon after Project Belly Dance, Victoria joined Miles Copeland's Bellydance Superstars in Japan for the tour of Bombay Bellywood. She then was chosen along with four other Bellydance Superstars to participate in their newest tour, Club Bellydance. She is currently a member of the Bellydance Superstars and has toured full time for three years.

Victoria is internationally recognized for her unique fluid dance style and effortless execution. Her instruction method focuses on flow and how to create a seamless piece of choreography for any style.


She is also the creator of the Teel Fan Method, a dance technique using fans and fan veils incorporating influences from Asian dances.

An internationally acclaimed performer, choreographer and instructor from Mallorca, Spain.  A life-long dancer, she graduated at the age of nineteen as a major in ballet and performed professionally as a modern dancer in major Europe festivals with the contemporary dance company of the University of Barcelona.

She started her career as a belly dancer in 2001, when realizing the enormous benefits that this art-form brings to women in both body and soul. In her own studio, she keeps observing how women can get closer to their self identity and discover oneself in a new level, increasing self-esteem, and getting deeply in touch with the feminine essence in their soul through bellydance.

As a natural evolution in her journey, Silvia discovered tribal fusion in the USA and combined it with a deep research into her own cultural roots: Spanish gypsy and Arabic. Hence with her work in the field of Zambra Mora (spanish gypsy-oriental dance fusion) Silvia gained international recognition and is currently invited to teach workshops and perform as a headliner in major festivals world-wide. Silvia is also known for her work dancing with swords, which she feels depicts the strength of women.   Silvia is also the director of Shunyata Belly Dance, a nationally awarded tribal fusion company and a proud member of Urban Gypsy, Houston's premiere ITS troupe. 

Leilah Moon

Leilah Moon is an award-winning professional belly dancer. You can catch her performing regularly at venues throughout the DC area. Leilah's genuine passion for dance and nuanced style is what audiences find most mesmerizing about her as a performer. Her style is firmly rooted in luscious and emotionally resonant Egyptian style dance, and there's a special place in her heart for sha'abi/mahraganat.


Leilah Moon won First Place and People's Choice awards in the highest Professional Category at the 2018 East Coast Classic Bellydance Competition.

Leilah Moon started her dance career at the age of 17 with Susquehanna University Bellydance Circle in 2008, studying further under MiaNaja al Sephira, Naimah of Baltimore, Viviana of Delaware, Piper of the Daughters of Rhea, and various faculty of Sahara Dance in DC, including private instruction with Jennifer Tether and Shahrzad Raqs.


She has also taken intensives and workshops with Luna of Cairo, Mohamed Shahin, Lubna Emam, Mimi Fontana of Manhattan Tribal, Tarik Sultan, Irina Akulenko, Autumn Ward, Zoe Jakes, Mira Betz, Princess Farhana, Katerina Shereen, and Bozenka.


She holds certifications in Sahra Saeeda's Journey Through Egypt Levels I and II. She is a founding member of Zaida Rising Dance Collective, the Susquehanna University Bellydance Circle, and her former student troupe Raqs Rendezvous. She also performs regularly with Seven Egyptian Dance Company, a diverse ensemble specializing in folkloric Egyptian dance.

Leilah is part of the faculty at Sahara Dance in DC and teaches weekly classes and regular workshops.


Raena is a professional belly dancer, instructor, and choreographer based out of McKinney, Texas. 

While performing, Raena captures the attention of every guest with her smile and obvious joy for belly dance.  But her trademark is her lively musical interpretation and fluid, refined elegance.

When Raena dances, she showcases her foundation of Oriental (Egyptian) Dance, with infusions of American Cabaret and Turkish styles, as well as incorporating her natural playful, feminine energy.

Raena began studying belly dance in 2003 and began teaching in 2006, as the director of Arani Bellydance (McKinney Bellydance).  Today, she continues to expand her knowledge, supplementing her dance education by traveling and participating in workshops and retreats around the US. 

Anais Fatale

Event Producer

Anais Fatale has an immense passion for belly dance and would like to share it with the worldstrives to grow it with in her community. She has many years of experience dancing and performing and never stops training herself. Thus, she believes it is vital dancers train with as many great teachers as possible, constantly keep learning, and never stop following your dreams.

      Once she discovered belly dance, she fell in love with it instantly. She started to evolve her dance and is constantly learning new techniques, styles, and props. She continues to learn by taking attending numerous workshops and training with top belly dancers from around the world. She has been teaching dance for over 8 years and has watched many students grow from beginners to pros!

      You can see her featured on Season 2 of Project Belly Dance (a web reality show to find America's Next Top Belly Dancer). Anais recently participated in Belly Dance Evolution, a theatrical belly dance production by Jillina. Anais is also the creator of Shimmy Chic Fitness, a belly dance fitness workout and instructor training. 

     She has a passion for sharing her knowledge, and a patience for educating. Anais teaches students from the beginner to advanced level. As an entertainer Anais has performed in countless venues across the nation and will amaze any crowd!


Lacy Alexsandra

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