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8 Tips For Preparing & Packing For River City Raqs

Updated: Apr 1, 2019

RCR is only 4 days away and the team at River City Raqs is excited for your arrival. To kick off this Monday, we thought we would share a guest blog post by World Champion Bellydance artist and previous RCR instructor, Jennifer. Jennifer has attended River City Raqs several times and wants to offer some advice on how to make sure you bring everything you need for a successful weekend. Read below for some valuable tips and tricks…

“This year, River City Raqs is bringing back some of its prior headliners to give attendees another dose of fabulous fusion concepts and highly technical drills to improve dancers and expand their horizons. Packing for a 4 days event can be challenging for some. How to fit it all in a carry-on? What if you need to bring costumes and etc. too for performance and competitions? Not to worry, I think you will enjoy the following tid-bits...

8 Tips For Preparing & Packing For This Bellydance Convention

· Bring a travel sized roller or simply, a tennis ball. You will be dancing for hours, and then sitting and watching a show or performing. Give your muscles the relief it needs and reduce soreness by rolling before and after workshops. You will love the difference!

· Only bring the ESSENTIALS + 1 extra outfit:

a. You will need 4 workshop outfits (complete with hipscarf and hair accessories)

b. 2 night time outfits

c. 2 pre-performance or “getting ready” outfits. What is a getting ready outfit? This is a comfortable and cute, lounge-style outfit, that is still appropriate to be seen in public with. After the workshops and your shower, you can eat in this, do make-up and hair in this and simply relax until you head out to the shows.

d. One pair of dance heels for the shows/party at night

e. One pair of sneakers to protect your feet during workshops and make sure they are cushioned

f. Foot undies if you perform and need them

g. One pair of “getting-ready outfit shoes that are comfortable

h. Travel back home outfit

i. Pack your costume, jewelry, the undergarments necessary for the look and any pertaining performance props all inside a garment bag.

j. Props needed for your workshops this year (i.e. sword for Silvia’s workshop, fanveils for Victoria’s workshop, one silk and one chiffon veil and etc.).

· Write down and plan your weekend itinerary ahead of time so know exactly how much time you have for eating meals, getting ready and/or resting. This makes it easier to plan mentally

· Make sure you have your music backed up on your phone with the proper converter if needed) and your charger.

· Invest in Airbuds. With no wires, you can practice anywhere, and it is just awesome for dancers to have in general.

· Leave the negativity at the door. You are going to learn, grow and be inspired. Leave the job problems, car issues, weight issues, fights and anything else out. Allow yourself to fully immerse yourself in this experience. You deserve it!

· Pack snacks! One of the things I notice often at workshops is that quite a number of dancers are quite fatigued by day 2. By using your roller, and eating properly (6 items a day is ideal), you will have energy for days. Just because you are traveling for a workshop weekend doesn’t mean you need to eat junk. Pack fruits, natural juices, and plenty of healthy carbs, proteins and water to keep you hydrated (and NOT hangry) in a cooler and bring it with you.

· Do something kind for another dancer and staff member. These events don’t happen without a big team of people and dancers who are willing to invest in their dance. Do something kind for at least 2 others.

I hope this list will help you make the most of your week and see you at River City Raqs! If you don’t have your show tickets yet, buy them here! Need to sign up for a workshop? Click here.

About The Author:

Jennifer is an internationally renowned bellydance artist, author and instructor residing in Orlando, FL. She is the winner of numerous competition titles including “Bellydancer of The World”. To learn more about her please visit and to buy her Competition Handbook, follow this link.

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