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RCR 2020 Is Just Around The Corner! | Guest Blog By Jennifer

It seems like each year more and more festivals continue to spring up in Florida, while in other states, some conventions have closed their doors. Before we get into the skinny on RCR 2020 and the new and exciting changes for this year based on our loyal attendees’ feedback, we simply wanted to say thank you! Thank you to the vendors, the volunteers, the venue staff, the instructors, the students, the community, everyone, for allowing River City Raqs to continue to grow year after year in the midst of the saturation we have in the state. We are lucky to have so many festivals. We truly are, and being able to do this another year due to everyone’s efforts is simply something that can’t be said enough.

So What’s the Scoop on RCR 2020?

While other festivals want to bring only new faces each year and whatever is trending, we take a different approach. Yes, we feature new instructors each year that we want to introduce to our dance community, but you will always notice a string of familiar faces coming back to teach year after year. Why? Because trends are trends, but dedicated instructors who continue to study, provide high-quality instruction and are amazing to work with, add continual value to our attendees. Having a teaching staff we know and love has been working well for Jacksonville and we thank you for your feedback on that!

This year we have the following instructors that are going to make you learn and dig into subjects that will blow you away:

Nourhan Sharif

Ahmed Husien

Valerick Molinary

Moria Chappell

Silvia Salamanca

Victoria Teel

Leila Moon


Lacy Alexandra

Anais Fatale

New 4-Day Intensive Training Performance Track!

Dance with the stars! In this awesome program you can sign up for, you will have the opportunity to learn a choreography and work side by side with our talented, world renowned artists and perform a piece with them in the Saturday gala show. This is something unique and an opportunity you simply don’t get to experience everywhere. If you are interested please visit:

When is the Event You Ask?

The belly dance festival is held on April 17-19th, 2020 in Jacksonville, FL. We have a new venue this year!

Atlantic Ballroom

13170 Atlantic Blvd

Jacksonville, FL 32225

What is The Vibe?

Ask our dancers, vendors and attendees and the answer will pretty much be like this…

The vibe is “a reunion”. You are greeted when you walk in. Our staff does their best to learn your name if this is your first time joining us, interact with students and provide any answers to questions and needs throughout the belly dance convention. The majority of our instructors have been working with us for years and enjoy a stress-free time. Vendors have also been coming for years and know each other and the staff and it truly just can be summed up to feeling like a reunion! Even if you are new, this feeling can be seen and felt throughout. Things simply flow and we keep the vibe fun and light.

What About My Wallet?

We truly make it a priority to keep things as cost-effective for everyone involved as possible Our vendors enjoy our table fees that are competitively priced. Students obtain a package that has many instructors and topics to choose from for a great price. The hotel we choose is also a big effort as we want to keep prices low, have breakfast as an option and keep the rates under $100 per night so that dancers can have a small getaway, learn and be able to afford enjoying and learning with so many instructors in one place.

We are conveniently located near the Jacksonville airport, beaches and more to make things like buying groceries, enjoying the sand and sun and simply getting here, a breeze!

Why RCR?

There are many reasons why you choose to go to belly dance conventions. Perhaps you need a mental break and to focus on yourself doing something you enjoy. Perhaps you need to cross the next dance hurdle. Maybe you seek inspiration. Maybe you crave meeting new dance friends or seeing old ones. Perhaps you are a new mom and need to reconnect to the dance as you adjust to this new role (we have lots of dancers who love to carry babies jaja). Maybe you are at a point in your career where you seek to compete. We have a book we recommend to help you in this path here. All in all, RCR provides a space where you can find this.

Taking the first step is the hardest part. We have payment plans to make things easy financially and have a community of people who are here to support you and help you get that boost of confidence we all need.

Have Questions? Want to Connect?

Feel free to contact us today and we will make sure to reply in a timely manner. We also have an amazing resource if you are on Facebook. Our event page has consistent updates to keep you up to speed on the latest. Whatever method you choose, we look forward to connecting with you and having an amazing time together in April. Take care and shimmy with you soon!

About the Author:

Jennifer is the owner of Bellydance By Jennifer Inc. As a a performer, event organizer and author, she enjoys sharing about the community and offering honest advice and insight into the bellydance world. To learn more about Jennifer, view her biography on her website.

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