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Sunday April 7th

KAITLYN: "Tech, Tech....BOOM!!! Bellydance Combos & Technique" 

ROOM B- 10:00am to 11:30am


  • "Tech, Tech....BOOM!!! Bellydance Combos & Technique"

Get ready to blow the roof off as you take your skills to the next level!

This workshop will dig deep and focus on refining the core technique and shoot your Bellydance ability into the stratosphere.


Kaitlyn will introduce conditioning exercises, drills and movement breakdown to offer you the tools to either establish or improve your own personal technique. Later, these steps and moves will be put into combinations that will add excitement and sizzle to your dance practice or performance.


This workshop is heavily inspired by the rigorous training and touring that Kaitlyn experienced from the 2016 Bellydance Evolution tour through China. See what it takes to help a dancer survive a 2 1/2-month, 29 City, 35 show tour.