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2024 RCR Competition Registration

FRIDAY March 22nd
Receive Amazing Feedback from Judges and Prizes!

All Winners will receive passes to 2025 RCR 

​Each Category has amazing prizes and each contender will receive great written feedback from the judges. We have many categories, Troupe, Rising Star (solo category), and Professional (solo category). We need at least 5 competitors in each category (3 groups for troupe). 

To compete each competitor must be registered for at least a day pass or 3 workshops. Please Register before

FEBRUARY 20th, 2024 so we can make sure to fill the categories!

Registrants will perform in the reverse order they are received. So if you register first, you will perform last in your category. 


Each contestant will be judged on criteria such as Overall Performance, Musicality, Choreography, Technique, Appearance, and Audience Appeal. 

Performance time limits- Troupe category  must remain under 5 minutes. Rising Star category must remain under 3 minutes. Professional category must remain under 4 minutes.


Competition Fee- $35 per category entered

Troupe competition fee is $100

*You may compete in 1 solo category and the Troupe category but not all three*


3 or more dancers- troupes will also be judged on Synchronicity/Cohesion

Rising Star-

Student or belly dance hobbyist


Professional level performer/instructor with a minimum of 5 years of experience 

Please Fill out the form and pay the $35 Competition Fee

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