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Juicy Hip Work with Janelle Jalila Issis - 1:00pm to 3:00pm

JBelly’s Juicy Hip Work is exactly what it sounds like!! 

Melt into your curves in Janelle’s technical hip class with expert control, energy and creativity. The goal here is to look like you - your individual personality is what should drive your hip expression! We are all different, our bodies are different - we will look different! and that is 1000% OK! 


Put those perfect hips into action as we drill dynamic combinations over and over again. Learn to combine and create your own combination and feel inspired to use what you have learned in your own choreographies. 

We will explore level changes, energy usage, feet position/weight distribution, & more. These drills are designed to help train our bodies in gaining complete control of our hip movements; so if we want to move fast, slow or hit a specific count we can! We will connect on a deeper level to feel our muscles & understand the directional patterns of each hip movement with the help of repetition, repetition, repetition and the use of the floors!! The floor under your feet and your pelvic floor + the added health benefits of strengthening our spine, core, legs and more!! 

Janelle Jalila Issis : Juicy Hip Work

  • No returns, refunds or exchanges. All workshop sales are final. If you can not attend, you can transfer your workshop to another attendee. For transfers please email


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