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Modern Egyptian Pop Choreography with Janelle Jalila Issis - 1:00pm to 3:00pm


Egyptian pop can mean anywhere from a mix of Sha’abi boldness, Egyptian Techniques, Jazz/Ballet to Hip Hop influence and obviously most important your sassy personality! At its baseline Egyptian pop is a mix of adding Egyptian Steps and Modern Steps/Influence to your work.  Janelle will guide you through techniques and dynamic combinations leading up to a bubbly, sparkling pop choreography. 


If you know Janelle, she loves to break the “rules” of Bellydance! Discover her creativity, performance skills and dynamic use of musicality that she utilizes from her extensive background in multiple genres of dance. 


Janelle Jalila Issis : Modern Egyptian Pop Choreography

  • No returns, refunds or exchanges. All workshop sales are final. If you can not attend, you can transfer your workshop to another attendee. For transfers please email


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