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10:00am to 12:00pm  Performance Intensive “Modern Raqs Sharqi + Drum Solo” w/ Janelle Jalila Issis 


LEARN, REHEARSE and PERFORM within 48hrs w/ Janelle! 

Challenge your mind and body in this choreography intensive class with the opportunity to push yourself further and perform in the Gala. Janelle will guide you through playful raqs combinations and various joyful drum solo patterns. We will focus on performance and stage presence from the moment the class begins and explore what that means for each of us individually. The goal is to have the experience of what it might feel like on a professional TV, Music Video or Commercial Set where you have minimal time to learn, perfect and perform to the best of your ability. 


Tentative Rehearsals: Thursday (lunchtime) & Friday (lunchtime, if needed) 



*If you plan to take this class and decide to perform with Janelle in the Gala please pack any Black Base + any Silver Sparkly Jewelry (any black top (bodysuit, cropped, or bra) and bottom (pant, fancy legging, skirt). You will be required to purchase a $15 hip skirt to go with this for this show. 

Janelle Jalila Issis : Performance Intensive “Modern Raqs Sharqi + Drum Solo”

  • No returns, refunds or exchanges. All workshop sales are final. If you can not attend, you can transfer your workshop to another attendee. For transfers please email


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